Breaking Generational Curses and Establishing Generational Blessing

Do you believe your children were created for such a time as this... and so were you?
Do you believe it is your privilege and responsibility to intentionally prepare your children for the destiny God has placed before them?
Then The Lioness Complement is for you.
What do your kids do with


Negative thoughts?
Other things NOT from God?
Whether you're 2 or 92,
you can send it to "Jesus Jail!"
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One-of-a kind, personalized songs of blessing for those you love.
Perfect for Christenings, Baby Showers, Dedications, Birthdays and More!
The world sends out such negative messages to our kids! They are inundated with lies - about who they are... about what it means to love and be loved... about who they should be... about God.

How do you combat those lies with the truth of Scripture?
Your Unique Lullaby is one way to plant the truth in their minds and hearts - what God says about who they are and who He created them to be. 

A song is written just for your loved one, using Scripture and revelation through prayer, affirming truth you want to speak into and over them
Don't be distracted by the word, "Lullaby."  This song is for anyone that you care about. "Lullaby" indicates the best time to listen is around sleep time. Brain science tells us that our brains are most receptive to receive information as we are going to sleep and just upon awakening.  
The Lioness Complement is a place of empowerment!
We offer courses to teach you how to train up your own Courageous Kingdom Kids to know their
giftings, rights, privileges and responsibilities as True Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven.
We don't pile on extra to-do's. We give you the tools you need to do different, not more.

THE Courses

Fear is one of the enemy's favorite tools to incapacitate us - how he controls and manipulates us. It's time to stand firm against fear for ourselves and for our children.

Join Carrie as she equips you to train your children to SUCCESSFULLY FIGHT FEAR with these 5 Simple, Successful Strategies! 

You and your child CAN defeat fear.

(Spoiler Alert - these strategies can be used with more than just fear!)
We have all experienced trauma and we all have issues to be dealt with, wounds to be healed, identity to be affirmed.

In each session, Carrie and a trained Intercessor spend time in prayer for YOU. Then the 3 of you spend time together with Jesus connecting you with Him to hear His heart for you.

Soul Care sessions bring breakthrough, healing, identity, purpose, revelation, strategy and more.
I was the Queen of "Should."

I should be... studying my Bible more... praying more... memorizing Scripture more.

I should yell less... listen more... and the list goes on. It's exhausting!

Mighty Warrior Mama (you are, even if you don't feel like it!), it's time to DO DIFFERENT, NOT MORE.

What does this DIFFERENT look like?

What mamas are saying

"Carrie, you are amazing!!
 I am so thankful for expertise and for your sharing it with us so we can be bold and strong and raise kiddos to stop fear in it’s tracks. It has paralyzed me and made me hold back for a very long time.
I love what you shared and how easily it can be put into practice from 2 yrs to the grave.
Thank you so very much for sharing!!"  
- Kristen L., South Carolina
"So good Carrie.
Wish I had this in my tool belt to share with my kiddos when they were little.
Will be praying I get to share this with them now for their kiddos. Great job!"
- Joyce Anne S., Georgia 
"I immediately was drawn to Carrie because of her heart. This new ministry of hers is going to change a lot of lives. I believe that Carrie is going to change this generation! 

You cannot go wrong trusting Carrie."
- Kathy S., Arkansas

my journey

Hello, and welcome to The Lioness Complement! My name is Carrie Hurley.

Back in 2019, I saw what was coming in the world, and it scared much for my children.

Did you feel the same?
Why could they not have a carefree childhood like I did? Why would they have to deal with the increasing evil in the world? I lost sleep. I kvetched at God. I worried.

Were you there with me on those sleepless nights? Tossing and turning, trying not to worry as I told God every reason why this should not be happening to my my family....

And finally, I heard God speak to my heart. "Why are you so upset? I created them, gifted them for.this.time.  I love them more than you can even comprehend! The world needs them now. They are here 'for such a time as this' - just as you are. "

Oh.  Wow.

If that was the case...I needed to intentionally prepare my children for this destiny that God had placed before them! But how? Where? Who?

Have you ever notice that when you see a problem, you are often the one who is instructed to be the solution?  Or is it just me?

And God said, "You do it. Oh, and while you're at it, equip other Mamas to do the same thing. Women are powerful for the Kingdom of Heaven and dangerous to the system of darkness. You help them walk into that destiny."

About that....
I seriously had a Moses moment. Are you sure? I mean...really sure?

Just like the disciples when Jesus told them to feed the 5,000...
Just like that little boy with his two loaves and five fish...
Just like Gideon threshing his wheat in the wine press...

We feel like we are not equipped. not enough. not who we 'should' be to lead.

God is raising us up, Mighty Warrior Mama, for our time, and to prepare our kiddos for theirs (which begins now).

We cannot delay. We cannot do this on our own.

"Then He said to me, 'This is what the LORD says...:  It is not by force, nor by strength, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of Heaven's Armies'."  Zechariah 4:6 NLT

Let's do this together with HIS power and by HIS Spirit.

Smart, Informed Mamas Know the power of

the Lioness Complement

Imagine a Pride of Lions lounging in the African Savannahs under the cool of a shade tree. The Lioness looks like she does not have a care in world as she lays back watching her cubs play all around her.  

Appearances can be so deceiving, right? 

People make assumptions of both Moms and Lionesses. We know better, don't we?

In a family of lions, who hunts? The Lioness.
Who trains the cubs? The Lioness.
Who makes the King look good? The Lioness.

It could be overwhelming... exhausting...
frustrating... IMPOSSIBLE.
But she doesn't do it alone. 
The Lionesses work together. They enhance. 
They complete.
They are a Complement.

We were not designed to do life alone. We were designed to live in complement with each other.

Women of the Kingdom do not compete...
We complete.

As The Lioness Complement, we each come with our strengths, our weaknesses, our victories and our wounds.

The Lioness Complement is a safe place to receive healing and encouragement for your inner self.
The Lioness Complement is an empowering place to be equipped to train up our Courageous Kingdom Kids to know their giftings, rights, privileges and responsibilities as True Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. 

The Lioness Complement is a Sisterhood where you bring your strengths and giftings to bless and encourage other women in their journey.

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." - African Proverb

It's time for us as Mighty Warrior Mamas to
do Different, not more as we walk out our personal Kingdom calling and equip our Courageous Kingdom Kids to do the same.
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